Relaxation during pregnancy

Relaxation can help counteract stress and produce a calm mind and body. More than any other time in your life relaxation is an important technique to learn during pregnancy. If you can develop a good relaxation routine now you will be well placed to handle the additional stresses of parenthood later on.

There are a number of relaxation techniques available. Yoga is particularly advantageous during pregnancy as it also helps stretch and strengthen the muscles to assist in labour and childbirth. Many people find meditation helpful and again this can also provide a benefit during labour.

Relaxation breathing is a very simple technique which can take 2 to 20 minutes and can be practiced anywhere – lying down, sitting up or even in the car. Preferably sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Think about your breathing, concentrate on breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Busy people often take short, shallow breaths with their chest. Focus on using long, deep breathes in through the nose and down into the abdomen. Let your muscles in your lungs and ribcage fill your abdomen and concentrate on it swelling and then contracting as you breathe out. As you improve, and as time permits, increase your relaxation breathing to 20 minutes.

Progressive muscular relaxation is a method which enables you to relax the large muscles of your body. It is also a wonderful technique to put you off to sleep at night as it works on the theory that a relaxed body means a relaxed mind.

Progressive Muscular Relaxation Technique:

  • Simply lie down, close your eyes and breathe naturally.
  • Begin by clenching your fists tightly and then tense your arms.
  • As you breathe out release the tension in your arms all the way down to your fingertips.
  • Say the word ‘relax’ to yourself.
  • Imagine the weight in your arms being drawn by gravity into the bed (or floor, or whatever you’re lying on).
  • Next do the same with your feet and calf muscles and in turn with your thighs, bottom, stomach, back and head.
  • Try tensing the muscles of your face last and as you breathe out saying the word ‘relax’ to yourself your entire body should feel heavy and relaxed.
  • As you improve try imagining a peaceful scene and put yourself there. It may be a boat on a calm ocean or a beautiful clearing in the bush.
  • Let yourself stay there for a while.

Whichever relaxation technique you decide works best for you try to do it as a regular routine.

Prevention of stress is better than a cure.

  • money talks

    thank you for this post. I’ll keep this in mind since I am on my first trimester. What worries me are the things I might be experiencing during my labor.

    • soulbirthfaye

      If you practice relaxation techniques during pregnancy, it will assist you to also relax when in labour. If you can remain calm and relaxed during labour it will give your body the opportunity to release the beneficial endorphins , which act as the body’s natural analgesia. It will also prevent the body from releasing adrenaline, which can have the opposite effect and inhibit labour. Natal hypnotherapy is also a wonderful tool to practice as it takes you to a far deeper level of relaxation. If you start early in pregnancy, you’ll have a good length of time to train your body to naturally and easily drop into a deep state of relaxation. See for more information on this.

  • defibrillator

    Pregnant women must get rid of getting stress. Total relaxation
    is really needed to keep their body health and as well as their baby inside
    their womb.

  • Anonymous

    Dude.. I love your post. I’m a nurse. I think every pregnant mommy deserves a few minutes to herself…everyday!It’s best to have the belly massage right after you’ve emerged from the bath, while your pores are still open and your skin is really supple. You can use a non-mineral-based oil or cream to massage.thanks! @RACHEL:)

  • Exercises During Pregnancy

    Expectant mothers must get rid of getting pressure. Complete relaxation
    is really required to keep their system health and as well as their child inside
    their uterus.

  • Facebook User

    These are all great suggestions. It’s so important to get relaxation time in. There are some great benefits to pregnancy massage…

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