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Benefits of listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme (Hospital or Home Birth) CD

The Pregnancy Relaxation CD

• Increase your energy and feelings of well being
• Improved sleep
• Maintain a healthy blood pressure
• Reduce, even eliminate aches and pains
• Increase communication with your baby
• Maintain a feeling of calm and relaxation
• Learn techniques that will help with giving birth

The Home Birth Preparation or Birth Preparation (hospital)

• Reduce fear of giving birth
• Increase your ability to manage and reduce pain
• Develop a deep trust of your bodies ability to give birth naturally
• Feel calm, relaxed and prepared for the birth
• Increase your sense of being in control
• Increase your chance of having a drug fee labour
• Reduce the chances of having post natal depression

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The Relaxing birth music CD

• Enhance the deep relaxation you can achieve by listening to the music CD during labour
• Acts as it is a subconscious trigger to relax and recall all the positive suggestions you will take in while listening to the birth preparation CD

The Fast Post Natal recovery CD

• Increase your confidence as a new mother
• Faster recovery rate
• Easy, natural lactation and breastfeeding
• Deep refreshing sleep (even if it is only for half an hour)
• Fast return to pre pregnancy shape and size
• Sense of calm and tranquillity
• Increased bond with your baby
• Decreased chance of post natal depression

What mums have said.

”My midwife was amazed how clam I was without pain relief.   One of the doctors was sure I had had an epidural based on my calm demeanour.”  Ann McNeeney

 “Excellent CD.   I know now I should have purchased them  earlier and listened to them a lot more. I refused all painkillers, I knew I could get through with breathing correctly and remembering what you said on the CD. I was so tired but amazingly positive and kept my sense of humour throughout.”  Fleur Shaw

“I often listened to the CDs  at night in bed, consequently so did my husband.   We both slept well and he was equally as calm.  I was lucky enough to have the kind of birth experience I only dared to dream about.    I am fully aware that these things don’t always go to plan.  I felt no anxiety during the labour and did indeed trust my body to  do the right thing…which it did. I was able to have micronaps whilst in the bath between contractions – I do feel the CD had a big part to play in that.”  Angela Dawson

“The CDs are perfect the way they are. Thank you for enabling me to have the type of birth I really wanted. Third baby and the first with no drugs”.  Kathy Evans

“Really relaxed me whilst listening to them and helped me sleep in the day, which I normally can’t do. We arrived at the hospital at 12.30. Midwives commented on how calm and relaxed I was. I was 5 cm. Within an hour and a half I was fully dilated. After about 6 pushes Evie was born. As she had the cord around her neck I had to stop pushing, which I managed easily – again by breathing techniques and visualizing – so thank you! Midwives commented on how calm and relaxed I was”.  Rachel Kellar

 When to listen to the CDs

Pregnancy relaxation From conception through to 32 weeks, 2-3 times per week.
Birth Preparation (Home/Hospital)  From 32 weeks 2-3 times per week, from 37 weeks daily
Relaxing Birth Music  During labour to assist in triggering natural relaxation use this CD which contains the background music used in all the CDs
Fast Post Natal Recovery  From when you baby is born, 2-3 times a week


How the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme works

The Natal Hypnotherapy Programme has been designed to give you the maximum benefit, practice and experience of using these powerful techniques to ensure you have a truly wonderful pregnancy and birth experience. It is a four step programme which builds your skills, abilities and confidence in your body.

Step 1. The Pregnancy Relaxation CD is a wonderful introduction to using self Hypnosis and teaches you relaxation breathing techniques. 

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Step 2. Begin listening to the Home Birth Preparation or Birth Preparation (hospital) version from 32 weeks. This builds on the relaxation and breathing techniques learned in step 1 and leads you into preparing for the birth

Step 3. Relaxing birth music CD. This relaxing music (the same music used in the background of the Birth preparation CDs) is a wonderful edition to the Natal Hypnotherapy range. Mothers use the music when they go into labour as it is a subconscious trigger to relax and recall all the positive suggestions you will take in whilst listening to the birth preparation CD.

Step 4. The Fast Post Natal recovery CD can be listened to in the last week of pregnancy and then as often as possible in the first few weeks after the birth.

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How much is it?

To order the Natal Hypnotherapy Programme at RRP of $80.00 AUS, this is a saving of $16.00 AUS on the price of the individual CDs. Please select the version you require:

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Home Birth version



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  • weight loss hypnotherapy

    Giving birth is the one that I dont want the most because it really hurting but when the baby is out Its the best thing that really happen through my life!!!!

  • Midwife in Lasvegas

    Relaxation or listening music is the
    best way for the natural hypnotherapy program.  Actually I read the books which you have
    mention in your blog and then I came to know about the hypnotherapy. It is a
    relaxation exercise for the pregnant women so that she can easily relax her
    body and mind and free from any tensions.


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